Friday, August 12, 2005

Shoulder Holster

Aren't you always getting scared of the future
Aren't you always thinking someone will shoot you
Aren't we always looking over our shoulders
Aren't we always drawing guns from our holsters

Shoulder Holster, Morcheeba

It at least the 50th time in a row I listen to this song.

I’ve always knew god didn’t exist and I am even more convinced of it this morning. Yet, walking in the city 15 minutes ago I just wanted to go to a church and hide inside it, get some kind of protection inside a huge rock building, dark, calm and where, maybe I’ll be safer, where nothing can reach and affect me. I want him to exist, I want him to be looking over me and everyone around me, smiling from above, suggesting a helpful idea from time to time, watching over us when we’re driving fast on the highway, sending a cute little butterfly when we’re sad. It is asking too much, but I don’t care; if he existed he would do it. Even subtly, just anything to make this trip on this fukin rock easier. Really, is that asking too much????

He doesn’t exits but that song does; I wish it could play in the air for everyone to hear it.

Yeah, that's asking too much!
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