Thursday, March 15, 2012

The (Moby or March) blues

It's been a long time I've really really written something here, something original, something real.

Tonight it's just strange, something is going on now, or this month, or this year. It's March and its warm , really warm. We got 12, and we're waiting for 20.

Everyone is tired, I am tired, tati is sick and tired, my bro is tired (like always though ;). People's eyes are twitching, my eye is twitching too. Everyone is looking for a job and not finding, or working in shitty jobs. There are no jobs out there. There is no money; I am so deep in, it's not even funny; I should stop eating for months to pay all my debts back.

But it's the twitchy eyes that scare me: why are they twitching? What's wrong? We're young, we're able, we're healthy and we're beautiful. Where is all this pressure coming from?

I hope, I really really hope that it was always there. That every generation had it.

We can't be that much worse off than previous generations. Maybe there are no jobs, maybe there won't be big houses for us.

But we've seen a lot, we've traveled, we've lived. We've learned, we've been to university and beyond.

Hopefully it's not all just an illusion, there to make use accept the shit jobs and pay we get.

Everyone says we have too high expectations, we're not in touch with the reaility pof the job market.

Or maybe we are, maybe there is a big conspiracy  in the job market to make us buy it all, accept the shit that they are throwing at us.

They aren't promoting a lot of us at work, actually no one. Anushkeeen works as a manager and gets treated and paid like shit. My bro isn't getting work, Djudjken isn't getting work, Djudjken's sister isn't getting work.


And the CD, it's gone. Music, selling records, that's gone. The TV is on it's way out, killing itself by putting more and more and more shit out there, thinking that volume will compensate for the attack coming from the internet.

Well it won't. Just quality will.

Why I am thinking of CD's, or records, of music? Because I started listening to Djudjken's CD's at home, when I am working on this piece of shit computer.

And I realized there are no more records being released. It's over.

Did we win, or did we loose?

You can say what you want, you can prise progress, computers, the internet. But the reality is we lost. We lost by not having CDs.

My kids will grow up not listening to records. They'll listen to their computer.

That fukin sucks.

Even when Moby released this record in 2005, it all looked so much better, with a such better possible outcome than the one we got now.

Where is Moby when you need him?

And finally the amazing re-make (which made me cry yesterday)

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