Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm not the one

I'm not the one who made the world what it is today
I'm not the one who caused the problems started long ago
But now I deal with all the consequence that troubles our times
I carry on and never once have even questioned why

Yeah! I'm innocent
But the weight of the world is on my shoulders
Yeah! I'm innocent
But the battles started are far from over

We 're not the ones who leave the homeless in the streets at night
We're not the ones who've kept minorities and women down
Still we grow and then the problems they become our own
We carry on without even realizing why

Yeah! We're innocent
But the weight of the world is on our shoulders
Yeah! We're innocent
But the battles left us are far from over

We're not the ones whose pollution blackened our skies And ruined our streams
We're not the ones who made the nuclear bombs That threaten our lives
We're not the ones who let the children starve in faraway lands
We're not the ones who made the streets unsafe to walk at night

And even if we try and not become so overwhelmed
And if we make some contribution to the plight we see
Still our descendants will inherit our mistakes of today
They'll suffer just the same as we and never wonder why

I keep singing this song at work even though I haven't heard it so long. No I downloaded it and it's on repeat. I don't know how to explain what it make sme feel, it's just I am not the one.

It's angry, it's true, it's my teenage, it's the time when there was nothing to worry about.

I don't know, maybe I am just fabulating, but sometimes I feel I have so much on my shoulders, and it scares me. There is very few people that can help me unload my shoulders. Maybe it's all an illusion, maybe I have nothing on my shoulders. But I fight all the time; or do I, I am not even sure.

Maybe I am just tired.

Maybe I just need a vacation, I haven't gone away in so long.

It's comming, it's comming, this summer I'll finally vacation.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am growing increasingly tired from this Harper dude. At first he seemed harmless, with his fragile minority and little experienced government; I thought he would lay low and quiet and try to gain support in order to eventually win a real majority government. Showing the Liberals that they needed to behave like good boys also seemed (and still is) a good idea. And lets not mention that Martin dude, who was very VERY un-sympathetic to me; we are much better off without him.

Then came the surprise trip to Afghanistan, and that kind of made me itch on the top-left side of my upper buttocks. Just a little itch, not enough to make me uncomfortable, but still, it wasn’t there before. It just looked a bit too similar to a Bush styled stunt; remember, he also made a surprise visit to his troops in Iraq over Thanksgiving, cutting turkey for them, or something warm and homey like that.

It's just a cheap publicity stunt. Look at me, I am brave. Take pictures of me, I am an international leader. Interview me, Canada is an international power with real soldiers in a real war. Quote me, I had to come secretly because I am so important and I was scared to get attacked.

I was told that Harper went to Afghanistan to lift-up the troop's spirit, which apparently is low.

Well, no surprise it is low. They are in a war, far away from home, a war about something that didn't result in a single shell or explosion in Canada.

Don't get me wrong, I kind of understand the war in Afghanistan: it is a failed state, someone has to put some order in there. I just don't understand why it has to be us, and not them, the real, big U.S.

But what has me really fuming is that, I believe Harper doesn't give two cents about the morale of the troops, he did not go to Afghanistan to support them. He did it for the publicity and he did it for his ego, in order to feel like the big man, the man not in the opposition anymore.

Today, I got an even bigger rash, reading this article about Canada's possible back out of Kyoto. Now the Conservatives are starting to push it. Didn't they see the summer we had, with the most hurricanes ever in the Caribbean’s. What about the Danube river, flooding my beloved Balkans. What about everything else, all the floods, cooling, heating. There is definitely something wrong with our planet and we can see it with our own eyes now.

Yet, the Conservatives are concerned because developing states like China and India are not bind by Kyoto. True, that's a huge problem, considering that soon they will be doing the most polluting. But we have to start somewhere, we have to lead, show by example. Canada is small and rich, we can afford this hit, we can start and hope that others will eventually follow. Saying that we wont play because there are no other players will definitely not get a game started. Before professional football, if the Red Man didn't form a football team, there would have not been a first game ever.

"The United States, Australia, Japan, China, India and South Korea, all part of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, believe targets should be voluntary and looks at developing technologies that reduce emissions." This is a joke. Yes, let’s meet these voluntary targets, go go, lets do it all together.

With record federal surpluses, a booming dollar and a strong economy, we can take that hit. And the experience built while taking the hit will be extremely valuable. Yet the Conservatives are canceling research projects relating to Kyoto.

I don't like this. I don't like this at all. The Conservatives are getting too comfortable, and I am starting to itch again with the urge to give them a little spanking, a little punishment.

We are not U.S. We can be ourselves and comfortable with it. We don't need to be the big guys, we can be David.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Friday, April 14, 2006

Like a little boat, from match sticks, rocking left and right smack in the middle of the storm. Its fun, sometimes my head is upside down: I don’t like that, it makes me sick in the stomach, and I have always been scared of being with the head upside down. But then, it’s good, I like being thrown upside down sometimes, only if I know you’ll be there to catch me when I fall down.

I am in my little bordello, finally, it’s my own bordello that I like and can stay in. The truth is that so much of that bordello is related to you; funny I rather be in your bordello than mine.

Little by little, there is more and more of yours that I like better than mine. Mine is kind of gone.

Again you kicked me upside down, and I am writing you instead of talking to you. It’s so much easier to write to you.

Why do I talk like an idiot when I talk to you? I am scared, and that I have come to doubt the foundations of what makes me me and what I believe in.

Will you ever come to understand me?

I am in my bordello, at my age, somewhere where I never thought I would be. I’ve never made plans for anything, and that’s a good plan.

Fuck this sucks, I suck. I just wanted to tell you that your face is like the sun and that I --------.

There is no need for more; everything for me goes from there.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

burn another one
many more ones
lurk in the dark
Appear Offline
in the cold cold night
I can't stand it any longer
or so she says
come to me again
in the cold cold night
or so I really say
write to myslef
for myslef
but for you
not there really anymore
but couldn't really care more
because the phone rang
and it was you

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Upon fruitful discussions / criticism on my V for Vendetta review from my better half I came to a realization that could be worth sharing (or maybe not).

I built a two-hypothesis theory, stipulating that Hollywood movies are either ahead of their time and predict societal pressures and evolutions or that they simply reflect the state (conscious/or subconscious) of society in the present tense. Example at hand, the successive vilan-ization of Germans, Russians and Japanese, Germans right after the second world war, Russians during the cold war and Japanese during the 80ies at the height of their economical power. Then came the 90ies, and the Arabs started being vilan-ized by Hollywood, but for no clear reason. Remember, this was way before 9/11, Ben Laden and others. True, there was the First Gulf War, but Iraq, and Arabs in general, posed no threat to American way life; they definitely didn’t impact America anywhere near the level that the Germans, the Soviets or the Japanese did.

Germans were our friends for 50 years now, the Soviets were no more, and the all mighty Japanese machine took a decade long break.

It seemed like there was less enemies than ever. And Hollywood had no one to populate the ranks of the "bad guys".

I believe that’s where Hollywood made the switch form representing present societal pressures, to predicting (or maybe contributing to) future societal pressures. There was a whole string of doomsday movies, and a string of the "evil Arabs" movies. After a few years, we all started to believe unconsciously. Why be scared of the tall and strong vodka drinkers, or the workaholic Japanese and Germans, when the bearded and tanned Arab is so much more of an exotic and imaginative enemy.

I doubt Hollywood did this with bad intensions, but maybe it should realize the impact and influence it has. Their stereotyping has greatly helped to plant the seed of fear and isolationism that the current US government has copiously watered such that its is now a big fruit bearing tree.

Or maybe Hollywood is full of visionaries that can sense and predict major socio/political fads (because this is all a big fat fad to me, and one day everyone will wake up from it and say: "how did I let myself get into this?").

And we get to today, where most of the last Hollywood movies I have seen have not only made me think but have surprised me with the relevance and honesty of their content. True, maybe I just watch much less American crap and maybe I am more selective within this crap, but the last three Hollywood movies that come to my mind are V for Vendetta, Syriana, and Lord of War. And those are not some low budget / low impact Hollywood productions; no, most people I meet seem to have seen them.

V for Vendetta paints a world of autocratic power that uses fear to maintain itself (read previous rant), Syriana portraits, with no soap or paint, the way the US meddles with politics in the Middle East, and finally, Lord of War has quotes like "because your boss, the president, he is the biggest arms dealer in the world".

It vaguely seems Hollywood is trying to say something new; hopefully the trend will remain, hopefully one day, these suits will realize the impact of their art.

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