Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Save Irakli

This summer I was hoping to go back to Irakli, a piece of paradise on the Black Sea coast. Today I learned that 8 years ago was probably the last time I went there. It seems that a village/resort is going to be built on this land that I thought was a protected park. I guess it is not.

A group of young people is trying to resist the construction of this resort. I fully support them. I understand the importance of tourism in the economic development of Bulgaria, but we can't have the entire Black Sea coast become a large sub-urb either. There must be a compromise between human and nature, and if not, at least some pockets of protected wildreness (that can be shared with campers, hopefully with respect to nature, as it is mostly the case of Irakli).

There is a web site coordinating the resistance efforts (in Bulgarian only) www.daspasimirakli.com, there is also a blog iraklinet.blogspot.com.

Hopefully, I will be able to come back to Irakli one day.

I need to find a way to help for that to happen.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Windsor and the need for new ideas

Last week end I made the first trip of the summer, all the way to beautiful Windsor, Ontario, 900 klicks away from Montreal. We were there for a political science conference, the events of which deserve an entire post on its own. Lets just say that once again we managed to stir hell like only we can do: crises, scandals, publics outcries and imposing of our will on lesser minds. Similar to my adventure with the wretched (what does that word mean really???) Infected Mushrooms, we unwillingly and quite naturally challenged the established order. Like I said wisely latter that night: if we don't raise hell now, we never will.

It was a quite disgusting week end, it rained all the time. And Windsor is just a big suburb, but of a city that is in another country (Detroit) which probably makes it the weirdest suburb in the world. There is really absolutely nothing to do or see in Windsor, except for the utterly depressing casino, which shares absolutely noting in common with Sharon Stone's casino in Casino. I lost a whole 10$ in one hand on the roulette (the freaking 00 came out) and that's how far my gambling debauchery went.

As I said, there is nothing in Windsor, and nothing awoke the photo eye in me, if there is even such a thing in me; I sincerely doubt, but I'll still pretend for the show. You can see my Windsor pics here (just click on next until the end). Funny that I say "you can see my pics..." because I don't think anyone reads theHug anymore.

A friend asked me the other day about theHug, and I told him that it was dead somewhere in the vastness of virtual space.

Finally, I also wanted to share that I am desperately in the need of new business/artistic ideas. I want to start a new project, but I don't know yet what it will be. Somehow I feel like something is about to germinate. That's right, I am threatening you, BEWARE, SOMETHING NEW IS COMMING FROM KILLA HUG.

Friday, May 19, 2006

So, it becomes stale, like week old kefir, that you don't care about anymore, you just feed it enough to keep it alive, but you don't really consume it anymore. You know its good, you know it will give you pleasure, but you just ignore it.

Same thing really. And frustration consumes you inside, it burns you slowly, without any smoke, so no one else knows. But it's working it's way slowly towards everything you've got and everything you like, and it sending it flying in a twist.

It sucks. Frustration sucks, angry people suck.

PS: I managed to do what I said I'll do in the last post. And the rest can go up in flames, cause I won't.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tomorow is a new day. Tomorow is a new week. Tomorow is Monday. I am waking up early, shaving, washing my hair and going to work. Tomorow I will also stop worrying, tomorow I will become myself again, I will smile and laugh. And if something doesn't go like I want it to, I wont turn inside-up. I no longer want to do that, I will not hide, staring this week. I will stop not caring about the world outside, because I need not worry those around me, I need not bring them down, and most importantly I will stop brining myself down.

I will swim back up to the surface. It is right there anyways, I just need to extend my head a bit and I'll be able to grab a full breath of fresh air.

Friday, May 05, 2006

If it's yours or mine

"There is a drop of blood on the ground
And it seems to me that it's not my kind
And I can't be sure if it's yours or mine"

Some people are sick, have disabilities, are lonely, poor, hungry; some people are ok but try not to be.

I saw a girl that had some kind of disability in the metro yesterday. It made me realize how ridiculous it all was: being tired, being sad over what others do; it's all a big joke, I am ok, you are ok. Do whatever you want, I am still alive and kicking. Kicking with less passion, but I am myself and I am breathing.

I am tired of children's games, its fu*%-up out there and your not here to help me.

I am tired of children's games, and there is a drop of blood on the flor, but I can't be sure if it's yours or mine.

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