Monday, August 30, 2004

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As we all know, in a desperate publicity stunt, the Republican Party is holding, as I am writing this, it’s convention in New York City. Obviously, they are trying to remind us how professionally the Bush Administration (or should we say “Dynasty”) handled the unfortunate events of 9/11. Hopefully, the American people will not be fooled and will remember the lies and deception used by the current US Government, and its exploitation of the sad events of 2001 in order to justify and unjust war and the occupation that is currently under way.

There will be a lot of action in New York in the next four days. An unprecedented number of policeman (over 10 000) have been mobilized, some undercover and some with cameras in their helmets, which is enough to make Big Brother’ forces in Orwell’s 1984 look like beginners.

Numerous groups of Americans have mobilized in order to make their voice heard during the Convention, and they use the Internet as a tool of organization and support to each other. Check out,, and RNCWatch (, for schedule of anti-RNC events, group resources and media information.

Game Over -- No more Olympics

Unfortunately, the Olympics are done, University is restarting, summer is almost over and reality is back.

For over two weeks, I followed the Olympic Games, looking out for the successes and failures of Canadian or Bulgarian athletes. For two weeks, watching the news was actually pleasant; it’s as if there was less crimes and kidnapping happening, less disasters in the world. Kids, sixteen years of age were breaking records, winning medals and making everyone in their countries proud.

I already wrote some comments on what I thought about the Olympics, you can read them and rinse your eyes with some amazing beach volleyball pictures here.

The Athens Games weren’t all smooth. As expected doping was there, but there were also some unfortunate s. Perdita Felicien tripping at the beginning of her race and bringing down a Russian runner, just to make sure that the ruins as many people’s chances as possible. Brazil's Vanderlei de Lima getting attacked by a defrocked Irish priest just a few minutes before winning gold at the men’s marathon, the last event of the games, was a horrible way to finish the games.

There were also the surprises that make the Olympic games such a memorable event. Like the Iraqi soccer team, getting to the semi-finals.

The next Olympics, in Beijing promise to be even more spectacular. The Chinese are eager to show the world the modernity and determination of their country. The opening ceromonies will probably be quite an event. And the Chinese Olympic delegation will have the unconditional support of the crowd, which I suspect will push them towards winning even more medals than they did this year. Will the US have some though competition for the first spot, like in the good old days of the USSR?

Welcome to TheHug

Here I am, joining the ranks of the million people that attempt to share their thoughts and ideas over the Internet, with a somewhat questionable success. Once again, after the train has already departed, I make up my mind and decide to join it, bloging away, as if no one has done it before. But I’ll try to make the best of this little experiment, so first I want to set my self some goals and find some logical explanation for wasting my time doing this. Why start this blog, and most importantly, why should YOU come back to read it:

1) Keep in touch with my friends. I hate writing emails, it takes for ever and is too impersonal. Everybody is doing their own thing now, and people are scattered all over the world. We have less and less stories to share and everybody is busy like hell (or at least pretends to be). I hope this blog can somewhat help into keeping a link between me and my friends alive (you can all comment on my diatribe, so fire away and don’t be shy)

2) Writing is good for my health. I find less and less time and opportunity to sit down with people and just argue / defend a point in a somewhat stimulating argument. And I don’t get to practice my critical thinking by sitting alone or going to university, so this blog will be my training ground for exposing and developing thoughts or ideas in the written form.

As for the reader, I will update minimum once a week, every Monday morning. So when you get to work, and you are bored and depressed out of your mind, just come here and read up a bit, gather some strength to face you painful existence. I will update more often as the ideas or funny remarks come up. Also, I’ll have a featured web site every week, so when you’re done reading this Monday morning and you STILL can’t get yourself to fake working, just check out that site, have fun and even hopefully learn something.

I want to read this post a year from now, and see if I managed to accomplish what I set to. Will I be able to argue ideas better, will people find this blog to be a worthy one to read regularly? But I also want to read this in twenty years from now, and see how I changed and how the world around us has evolved, and hopefully have some good memories about today.

I will definitely not share details of my messed up life here. This will not be a diary; I haven’t sunk that low yet.

Bookmark my blog and enjoy. Please don’t be shy, be active here: post comments, email me or link to my blog.


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