Thursday, May 20, 2010

Student Movers, that is, from the past

I think I've never mentioned it on these pages, but back in the days, back in summer of 2004, I spent the whole summer working for myself, running a moving company called Student Movers. Our main clientèle was the McGill ghetto kids and I was myself still a student. It was good times, hard physical work, but very rewarding. As a side effect, I also finally grew some small muscles (long gone since). And it was a great experience at managing: answering phone calls, dealing with clients, making and keeping a schedule, looking for employees.

I learned a lot, I made a few mistakes, I payed-off my credit card debts.

Or was it the summer of 2003? I am not even sure anymore.

Well, believe it or not, but Student Movers is still operating to this day (6 or 7 years latter) and is ran by one of the same employees I hired that summer and worked with. Realizing that something that I was a part of so long ago still has an existence on its own is an eye opener.

You can visit the web site of Student Movers to glimpse through a now radically changed window to my past.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cute little muttant bugs

What's cutter than little bugs? Little mutant bugs.

Ok, maybe that's not exactly the case, and yes, there is a very big sadness factor in this. Seeing how human impact is ruining animal life is just plain sad.

At the same time, these little insects are still slugging-on at life never giving up, regardless of their deformities.

At least that's how I like to think of it. Check out the article on Wired.

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