Monday, August 30, 2004

Welcome to TheHug

Here I am, joining the ranks of the million people that attempt to share their thoughts and ideas over the Internet, with a somewhat questionable success. Once again, after the train has already departed, I make up my mind and decide to join it, bloging away, as if no one has done it before. But I’ll try to make the best of this little experiment, so first I want to set my self some goals and find some logical explanation for wasting my time doing this. Why start this blog, and most importantly, why should YOU come back to read it:

1) Keep in touch with my friends. I hate writing emails, it takes for ever and is too impersonal. Everybody is doing their own thing now, and people are scattered all over the world. We have less and less stories to share and everybody is busy like hell (or at least pretends to be). I hope this blog can somewhat help into keeping a link between me and my friends alive (you can all comment on my diatribe, so fire away and don’t be shy)

2) Writing is good for my health. I find less and less time and opportunity to sit down with people and just argue / defend a point in a somewhat stimulating argument. And I don’t get to practice my critical thinking by sitting alone or going to university, so this blog will be my training ground for exposing and developing thoughts or ideas in the written form.

As for the reader, I will update minimum once a week, every Monday morning. So when you get to work, and you are bored and depressed out of your mind, just come here and read up a bit, gather some strength to face you painful existence. I will update more often as the ideas or funny remarks come up. Also, I’ll have a featured web site every week, so when you’re done reading this Monday morning and you STILL can’t get yourself to fake working, just check out that site, have fun and even hopefully learn something.

I want to read this post a year from now, and see if I managed to accomplish what I set to. Will I be able to argue ideas better, will people find this blog to be a worthy one to read regularly? But I also want to read this in twenty years from now, and see how I changed and how the world around us has evolved, and hopefully have some good memories about today.

I will definitely not share details of my messed up life here. This will not be a diary; I haven’t sunk that low yet.

Bookmark my blog and enjoy. Please don’t be shy, be active here: post comments, email me or link to my blog.


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