Monday, September 27, 2004

My man Boby

No updates last week; I have an excuse but I don’t feel like giving it.

I did write another article for my web site though. It is about the live show given by The Wailers in Montreal during the CSU frosh. Writing is a strange thing. For that article, I started off with a title / idea: "Filling the Big Shoes", and then I sat down to write the article. I wanted it to be a reflection on bands that replace their stars, on how hard it is to fill someone else’s big shoes (you see, the title wasn’t completely unfounded). I was thinking of having a listing of bands that have done / attempted to do such a stunt, and evaluate their level of success. But I just kept on writing about The Wailers, so the text morphed in something new. It still somewhat deals with the topic of bands that continue their career without their star, but it became more focused on Bob Marley and the phenomenon that he was and still is.

At the end, I had to change the title of the article.

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