Thursday, April 28, 2005

Paul Martin, Jack Layton or why I hate hippies

One is scared to death, wants to cling on to power by any means necessary and the other knows he’ll never have the power and wants to write his name in Canada’s history book. So the first is bending over and the second is going at it like it’s the last time in his life. Paul Martin is just proving us that his main concern and interest is power, cause he’s ready to sacrifice his very own governing principles, that he’s applied so religiously for almost ten years now just to cling on to his throne for a few more weeks. Jack Layton is just proving us that he has no faith whatsoever in his party’s ability to ever be in power by grabbing this first occasion that has opened up in front of him in order to get his policies implemented. You might ask: "What’s wrong with getting the policies, that he campaigned on, implemented?". Well, I could argue that, as he never believed he would win, he campaigned on policies that he himself knew are impossible to realize. Not so anymore, they are realizable, and they will probably be. Has Jack Layton really considered the effect of all the new spendings that he advocates? I doubt it. Why do I hate hippies? And what da hell I am talking about anyways? Jack Layton, not thinking really about his policies and hate for hippies?

By now you have probably understood and are on your way to grab a hatchet and cut down a damn tree.

Really, don’t get me wrong. I actually love the hippies. I love their ideals and I love the changes that they imposed on this puritan-swarmed conservative-ran continent. But I also hate them because they are spoiled brats, which got everything given on silver platters, exactly because of the blind-work-oriented lives that their parents were imposed-on and led. Once you have it all and need nothing, it’s easy to rebel (it’s also easy to rebel when you have nothing, but that’s for another time).

So, these damn hippies spent it all, bought some more, borrowed and mortgaged our lives. Canada’s debt is big, the US’s and Japan’s debts are monstrous, and Europe is pretty messed up too. On top of it, the old ones are blocking all the opportunities for easy, dumb and yet well paying jobs to land in the lap of the youth. Now, when your young and want to succeed, you need to become an investment banker and sell you ass and youth, working 70 hours, so that you can buy a house that is probably shittier than you parent’s (ok, now I am exaggerating).

15 years ago, when I came to Montreal there was no problem with homelessness, less poor people, more support and services available. Now after Paul Martin’s cuts, it’s looking pretty grim; services have eroded and the poor are everywhere (and I would be part of them too if not for my parents).

I don’t know if Jack Layton is stupid enough to really believe that this is all Paul Martin’s ,and his cuts, fault.

Jack, how about this question: "Why did we get to the point where Paul had to make all these crazy cuts and mess everything up?".

Exactly cause of people like you Jack; people that spend, without thinking, only because they were hippies and are used to getting everything for NOTHING. Well, it ain’t that way anymore. China and India are rising, the Soviets are gone, money is the king of it all and you sacrificed your own children and now keep sacrificing the future generation, you selfish hippies. I hate you.

Let me ask you this; when there are more elderly people than working people, who’s gonna pay for all of this? Shouldn’t we prepare for the inevitable, and once again only because you selfish hippies didn’t even wanna make kids: "their too much trouble, they will remove my freedom, and dippers... they suck". Shut up and live responsibly.

You world is dead hippies, stop putting sticks in the wheels of your future.

Canada was the only G7 country with no deficit last year (I believe). The US is acknowledging it will go bankrupt when hippies start retiring. And you Jack want to spend more, before getting rid of at least some part of our debt?

True, you don’t care cause you‘ll be dead when shit hits the fan.

I hate you old hippies. You have gone against everything you used to stand for.

info on the Liberal sell out / NDP's prostitution deal here

U'll make a great...ahem ahem...commy ;)
At least, with the NDP, you'll get banged but you'll see some cash...The other, which includes Po-Paul's Liberals and George's Conservatives (I'm talking about Bush Junior here), would expect you to suck dicks for free... Or maybe even pay for it.
Who cares about the debt... It's money that is mostly paid to Canadians anyways, in the form of an interest rate on Canadian bonds... Can you imagine capitalism without debt, TheHug?
Who cares about the debt? The people that lend us that money care, you horse face. Anyways, I read the other day in the Globe that Paul had actually maneuvered better than I expected and most of these new spendings are actually not new spendings, but are dsiguised as such, so I need not be afraid. Finally, the dirty Grits will impress me once more today by passing teh same-sex marriage bill. Damn, we're becoming a progressive country.
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