Wednesday, June 22, 2005


theHug made a new best friend/obsession/worst enemy. It’s a creature that shall remain nameless. It is of no gender, although it wishes to be a girl or a firm. theHug wishes it was simply a girl at the head of a big firm, but the creature, simply known as K. from now on, does everything it is not supposed to do, acts as no one excepts it would and always reacts in an unpredictable way: it will probably end up becoming a firm at the head of a girl. That won’t stop it from being provocatively demanding and handsomely frustrated. Frustrated from life, frustrated from society and its beautiful hypocrisy, frustrated from demands and deliciously entrenched in ice cream and other bodily wonders. Unfortunately, K. is cursed with an "enivrant" taste, a "poudloudiavasht" smell and a bubbly feel, it definitely is more of a girl than a firm, at least for now, in its young age. K. is highly addictive, more so than nicotine, and is entrenched in a furry to smoke all the cigarettes that theHug can provide. K. flows through the mind of this blog as a song, as a fantasy born from a computer weekend, without ending, but with a bang-alicous beginning. K. is annoying and "nahalno" invading, no therapy is potent enough to purge this helpless blog, or anyone else as a matter of fact, from the pleasantly malignant grip of K. No, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, no escape, K. is everywhere and after this blog, the easiest task of them all, K. aims at overtaking the world. No, there ain’t no stopping it, and really who would want to do such a foolish thing. Marshmallow is boring compared to K. and movies can only wish they could show it/she. Hollywood is crying, while theHug is dreaming. Fuk it, it’s too late, just listen and: “we are the K. resistance is futile”. K. doesn’t need you or anyone else, it is everywhere and it’s so aggressively combative. Even this lifeless string of bits has quit attempting to conquer it; lost it is in the K., lost somewhere, anywhere really but does it matter??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Article censored by The World Health Organization.
K, stop trying to mingle in the state of world affairs, you shameless dictator
We are talking about health issues, anonymous!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Instead of swearing just delete unwanted content, vicious. Not a bad idea, eh?
alright alright, no more pleasant swearing
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