Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nothing to say, really

I want to write but I don’t really feel like it. It’s strange, I don’t even know if it is not something more along the lines of I really feel like writing but I don’t want to. I can’t understand the difference between these two statements; I am sure there is one though.

I wanted to comment on the recent events in London, especially about the innocent Brazilian that got murdered by trigger happy but especially stressed out policeman. But I don’t even have the energy to do it. Still, I want to reiterate my (and most civilized people’s) point that, when the authorities react like this, they defacto become automatically defeated by the terrorists, whose sole goal is to destabilize society and plunge it into a state of stress and uncertainty resulting into an unpleasant existence for ordinary citizens (which are now afraid of being not only blown up but shot by the police if they look at them strange !!!!!)

I also wanted to share some thoughts on the latest Harry Potter and the franchise in general. Some people dismiss it as an over-commercial and thus empty book. Personally, I like the book because of (quickly) its fantastic setting, easy-ness to read and descent (and somewhat comic) portrayal of teenagers, a sub-classification of humanity I really like. But also, I respect the book because it makes people read. It makes kids read, which, in our wired/wireless/tube-infected world, is a great achievement and proves that there is still hope in the man kind, which is not about to become fused with its computers yet. True, you might argue that reading mass-produced literature is still mindless, but I disagree: Potter is not that mass produced and reading a good book opens the opportunity that another book is picked up by that kid. I personally started reading only after I was forced to read Lord of the Rings and happened to like it very much.

And lack of concentration and short attention span is a huge problem resulting from the quickness of everything that is loaded on our senses from tv and cpus. A kid that read a 500 page book definitely improves his concentration skills.

That's it, nothing that interesting, but it's just not coming out.

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