Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bush back at it ("stupidity") again

Read this Bush on creationism.

I knew (and hope you do too) that the guys behind intelligent design were clowns. But not that a more important clown has kind of spoken up in their favour, that just makes them more respected clowns; they just climbed a few floors in the clown hierarchy.

F&#@ , as if not enough things in my life made me mad, now I had to be reminded about that guy in the White House. And he even pushed that neo-fasist (misspelled for the bots to miss the word) Bolton into the ambassador position at the UN. And not to mention his candidate for supreme court, a guy who opposes Roe v. Wade. TABARNAK its making me mad. I even lost money cause of this clown cause I betted that he wouldn't get re-elected.

Alright, its work time. Maybe I'll bitch some more latter.

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