Monday, August 08, 2005

The Zombie Part 2

I wrote these turds at work, suffering from two straights nights of almost no sleep. I tried to say something, mostly try to understand the state I had put myself into and also make the day more bearable, but nothing really come out. Hopefully I'll pick it up latter and finish this.

What was I looking for? The coffee already cold, sweaty like a pig cause of another sleepless night, messed up tunes blasting in headphones, I was somewhere else. No one around me seemed to be there either, except these two guys in front of me working like crazy, like I usually do when I sleep. Today it all just looked incomprehensible, why was I all interested and absorbed in my task at hand on regular days? But today?? But today was different...

What was so special about that sleepless night? Why was I thinking so much faster and about some random shit? And this language... this attitude, I never use words like this.

I had followed my traditional routine, even last night. I didn't sleep but I still connected to the feed-master to get my messages and the news; btw apparently another vessel to Venus was sabotaged by the messiah-seekers, dirty little rats. Then I cyberfucked my girlfriend in London and I went out for my traditional walk through the second level of central park. Really, started off just as a regular night in New York. I eventually met up with some co-workers at this bar smack on the outskirts of the park, a few amphetamine shots latter I knew it was time to hit the sack, turn on the dream machine and get ready for another good day at work.

Then my stupid dream machine had to fuck up. Right away I started dreaming about being trapped in this endless room, with no exits and that seemed to grow as I tried to cross it. I never remember ordering the nightmare dream-machine, I had explicitly set it to orgy mode exclusively. I tried to fix it, checked if the latest fixes were uploaded, nothing, the damn thing was already busted (that will teach me to buy Marsian production). I had already taken my anti-amphetamine and my sleeping pills, but still I was restless in bed. It was the summer months, and the atmosphere in New York was set to above average hot, so I took off for the park again, maybe someone was still chillin there.

I wanted to kill a few hours, I ended up killing the night. There was no one I knew at the bar so I headed out to the neighbourhood brothel where I had a membership card (it came with the gym and library advantages my new raise got me). I took another hit, they had this amazing new interface, never tried it before, was quite wild. I thought I was tired enough to go sleep, but I still took a little detour on the way home, guided by my map-implant. I had already been in New York for the longest time I’ve spent at the same time in my life, over 22 months and I still didn’t know my neighbourhood.

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Yeah, we'll call, right. Bien sur. Comptez sur nous. The war against the machines has started.
haaaaaha what's that? or is it more appropriate to ask: who's that?
hey i didn't know you had a girlfriend in uk too, you should've said earlier
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