Thursday, September 08, 2005

My eyes feel heavy inside their sockets and my eyelids keep try coming to their rescue by engulfing them uncontrollably. As soon as I divert my attention away from these eyelids, they slide moistly and warmly over my eyes and light dream-visions immediately seizes me. Dreaming about another moist and warm body, alive with beauty, alive with sensations, docilely patient, aggressively reacting, swirling, breathing, smiling and devouring with its caring steer. Arched, curvy, bubbly, soft, hard, mushy, rocky and always always warm and scented. Scented of life and sex and both together, and love and movements and thoughts. Scented of everything together. And a deep quiet warmth, from everywhere and penetrating everywhere. When my eyes sink in I dream of this body and soul, of this vision appearing in the twilight of the already ending night, in its full entity, slowly, smiley and carelessly without the slightest idea of the blinding radiation it produced in the depth of the night. An overwhelming presence drifting across my space, a vision of safety and comfort, deep like a dark well, where I disappear entirely, sink in, grab on to and am safe till sunrise.

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