Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pink Martini-eering

Bolero made a noisy and emotionally charged return in my life. It was the opening song for Pink Martini’s second consecutive show in Montreal (that was last night, I am still singing in my head), a good way to start what I expected to be and turned out to be even more of a musical/emotional experience.

For about two hours the venue was immersed in a quiet musical waterfall; Pink Martini played songs that I’ve never heard of before, or barely knew the original versions, yet they revived them with vigor, without imposing a feeling of nostalgia. Almost an orchestra (they were ten or maybe even eleven on stage), the happiness and fun that they had playing these classical / old or old sounding songs was contagious and spread to everyone in the room. The singer was amazing; the pianist was smiley and happy.

I say musical waterfall because the sound was thick and intertwined, I guess something you can do only when you are that many musician on stage. The drummer made an amazing drum solo, and so did the guitarist and the contre-bass players (they all played their respective instruments for their solos).

But what amazed me the most is that the show made me think a lot and made me feel even more. Was it the clarity of the voice and instruments, because no one spoke, but I felt like it was a private show.

It was an amazing night, started by the friendly scalper that I bargained with for our tickets, continued by the weird women complaining (because we were talking during the show!!!), carried by the music of Pink Martini and concluded by the drama of my sweetheart, which made it all feel more real.

It was a weird night; I guess one that only Pink Martini can stir.


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