Thursday, June 22, 2006

In recent news, I, believe it or not, have submitted the initial draft of my Master’s thesis. I repeat: I have submitted the initial draft of my Master’s thesis. It's unbelievable, I embarked on this senseless task almost 3 years ago now, and finally the light at the end of the tunnel is growing blindingly strong. In two months, I should get the thesis back with corrections; after I make the changes, it will be time for the final submission, the one after which I am officially done.

It was a whole procedure, this submission thing, it spanned quite a few days. On Monday, after a few night of work, it was ready. I ran all day Monday, to make some final changes, get signatures and print. I couldn’t get all the signatures and there was a million little things that went wrong (like the pdf not being of the right page format at the print shop, the AC being busted in the office, torrential tropical rain while I run from Engineering to the library). I took all day off from work because of this and it still wasn't enough.

On Tuesday I had to leave work early, and run to school to grab the papers with the last signature.

On Wednesday, 2 days late, a whole crew submitted my thesis for me. I wasn’t even there for the ceremonies cause I had to work. Wiered. That whole crew included my girlfriend, my girlfriend’s sister, my best friend and even a baby. WEIRED.

That’s about it; a lot of running and sweating, late night shifts, calling and stalking my prof, who really seems to have lost all care for all of this, and finally, a sub-par work was released in the open.

I just hope somebody, at least one person reads it someday.

Funny, it seems like yesterday when the light was barely visible at the other end of the tunnel. Yet, it's just as if I was caught in a tornado, and without realizing it really, with a million other things on my mind, the tornado dropped me off, not without some shaking in between, at the exit of the tunnel.

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