Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It has been a while since I've taken up the pen and written something for my blog. The truth is, my dream has been to unite my online persona into one, into a single whole, a single web site. I fooled myself into thinking that a single personal site would be the answer to this online-personality-split I am suffering from, but I guess it isn't. It isn't simply because I can never get around to doing it, and this because I am busy expanding my ever-splitting personality online. New blogs, new sites, new picture galleries, a Facebook account ...

I am starting to wonder if this atom-like structure of my virtual presence isn't a fundamental characteristic of our online existences. Maybe the Internet makes more sense as a loosely interconnected set of independent entities. A bit like the brain. For some reason, I have the imagery of comparing the human brain to the Internet has always pleased me (I actually think that the Internet is the closest thing to artificial intelligence that humans have ever built, it's just not used that in that direction yet).

So, I guess I wont be able to create a unified online persona, simply cause it isn't meant to be.

And maybe that contributes to the mystery: no one place where you can learn everything about me.

Actually, why would I ever want this?

That's it, it has been decided: a split-personality is much more interesting than a single one. Good luck tracking me now.

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