Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kosovo, the new pawn piece on the board.

With Kosovo, the EU can reclaim it's spot as an imperialistic power, finally playing on the same field as the US, Russia and now China: the field where countries are created and dismantled like on a chest board.

The sad story of the Balkans started over 600 years ago and there is no sight to it's end. Western Europe first incursion on our mountainous piece of rock was after the Treaty of San Stefano, when the UK flew to "rescue" of the Ottoman empire and reduced the newly born Bulgaria to a fraction of the size agreed at San Stefano.

Since then, wars have been a regular fixture on the peninsula. WW 1 saw the liberation of all the Slav tribes from the Austrians, but all wars since, oddly enough (I guess it's all just a big coincidence) saw the fragmentation of the people's of the Balkans into smaller and smaller states. Actually, I doubt it's a coincidence. Like the Romans did: divide and conquer. Because smaller states are easier to influence, because smaller states leave a state for everyone to influence: one here for Russia, one there for the EU, and now they are all big-boys.

I am ashamed that Bulgaria is in the EU, an institution that now shows its interests are more geo-political and economical than we all thought they were. My question to the EU: why a free Kosovo and not a free Basque Country, a free Corsica, a free Kurdistan in Turkey and Iraq? And what about a free Palestine? Do you all see the similarities? The big and strong states enslave at home and liberate at other's homes. I am disgusted by this double standard.

And how will the EU close this Pandora Box now? Northern Macedonia will become independent? Is that the next step? And forget about Serbia in joining the EU, which betrayed them. But that's fine for the UK, France and Germany I guess, leave Serbia for the Russians to play with, at least the EU got Kosovo.

Unfortunately, I see no easy solution.

Yes, all people deserve freedom, but they way this was done is wrong and is a mistake. And don't forget: my freedom ends there where your freedom begins.

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