Monday, March 09, 2009

Learning to Fly

For some reason I had the song "Free Fallin" pop in my brain this morning. I looked it up on YouTube and came upon it's video. It's amazing: that 80ies fluorescent spandex, the fluffy hair, the skateboards like the one I learned skateboarding on, the malls, the magazines, the big cars. And a great tune with amazing lyrics. It was just so weird to look at an America long gone. Watching the video is like peeping through a magical time-window, into the mind of brain-numbed and bored 80ies teen-generation, pre-Internet insanity, pre-chat, pre-porn, pre-cell phones, pre-credit-cards. Today's youth has been sacrificed and burned on the pole.

And then, as if it wasn't enough, I clicked on a link next to the video and I entered the world of "Learning to Fly". And again, great lyrics, great music and amazing video. It's unbelievable, the leg-dancers in front of the exploding atomic bomb, it's like a magical dream. And what I think is President Kennedy shot at around 3:03. It's such a charged video.

Learning to Fly

And finally a comment somebody wrote:

same with me , it just makes me think about when america didnt suck

I don't know: I am not American, I am Canadian, I wasn't here in the 80ies, I am not that old yet, it's not because of the economic crisis, but that comment ring true in my ears.

Something has died in America, something's missing: I think it's the innocence and the gullibility and even the dream. We got cough up in the race to the top, we let liars and fools govern us, we build prisons around the world for innocent people, we allowed wars to happen, we ran to buy the biggest house , we let the baby boomers take over and disillusion us, we mortgaged everything, we let imbeciles on TV, we let hypocrites in churches, we blocked borders, we put electronic-chips in documents, we put cameras and radars, we gave-up databases to governments, and .........

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