Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For all those who have left us

I am dedicating this song to Neda and to everyone who has left us too early.

I was listening to "Under Pressure" and "Hammer to Fall" poped in my mind, because the two song follow each other in that order on the Best of Queens CD.

Queen was amazing, the lyrics of this song are genius, and Freddie Mercury's delivery is magical. I was really moved while listening to the song on YouTube.

"For we who grew up tall and proud
In the shadow of the mushroom cloud
Convinced our voices can't be heard
We just wanna scream it louder and louder louder

What the hell we fighting for?
Just surrender and it won't hurt at all
You just got time to say your prayers
While your waiting for the hammer to hammer to fall

It's gonna fall
Hammer..you know..hammer to fall
While you're waiting for the hammer to fall"

What exactly is meant by these words? I am not sure, but most importantly, I am not concerned with the meaning of the song as it's author intended it; I've built my own understanding of the words, and of the choruses, of the guitars, of the base and drums, and of Freddie's voice.

I think that was the ultimate message of the song, make your own message of hope and passion out of it.

PS: For all those who wondered about the "Choose Life" t-shirt that the drummer of Queen is wearing, here is what the Choose Life t-shirt is all about according to it's designer, Katherine Hamnett, who by the way seems to be a very engaged person, especially with her Organic Cotton campaign.

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