Friday, August 13, 2010

Saving Parc Oxygène

There is this little green area created by residents of the Milton neighborhood that is being threatened of becoming yet another building (it's like an alleyway between Hitchison and Par, north of Prince Arthur). The park is called Parc Oxygène by the residents, which are also its creators and supporters. The problem is that the land is actually privately owned and the owner wants to sell it to a developer. The city should have bought the land a long time ago and make it into an official green zone. The plot is pretty small, so this fight might seem (or maybe it is) funny to some people, but I kind of understand the residents of Hutchinson street fighting for their park: they are doing it because of all the effort they have put into this land over the years. It's like the small park we have on the corner of Knox and Hibernia; some environmentally conscious and motivated residents are putting their sweat into this park. Where it to be threatened, I would also try to protect it.

Here is an article about Parc Oxygene. Lets hope the residents win the protection of their park somehow.

PS: I wrote a little note on the page to show my support and to show the city that we care about these issues.

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