Thursday, September 09, 2010

Lost in Vancouver

Somewhere in a bar Vancouver, BC, Tuesday August the 31st 2010.

I just realized that the world keeps on turning without me. Not the world, but my world, my people. I am sitting in a bar in Vancouver and I am watching L'Ile-Ste-Helen on TV, a Nascar race, in a sunny and green Ile St-Helene, where I went biking and diving a hundred times this summer. I am 5000 km away, but the grass is green and the trees lush on St-Helene, and my parents are OK doing their stuff, and my brother is frosh leader (again), and P. is dressing up for work and going there and chilling with Ari. at night. I guess that's how it is to be dead, it's just realizing that the world keeps on going without you. Not in the same way, but it keeps on going, and that's cool, but most of all, that's comforting. Your job is done, the seed you planted has sprouted and is now growing on its own green and lush and on TV. That's death: watching your world on someone else's TV.

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