Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kotki: new media art

I really don't know how or why I ended up on a Romanian website. I guess I was clicking links left and right, flowing aimlessly though pages and pages of content on the web, suffering from the media pollution curse.

But what I discovered is amazing and worth sharing. It is the work of a duo of artists, two Bulgarian expatriates living in Bucarest.

Their artistic duo is named "Kotki", which means cats (in plural) in Bulgarian. I used Google Translate to translate the Romanian page, and in the interview they say they are named Kotki because they are two females operating in an artistic world mostly dominated by men; the word Kotki underlines their feline feminineness.

Mihaela Kavdanska and Dilmana Yordanova, the two artists making up Kotki create something that is maybe best term "new media art": they create audio-visual installations, and seem to include in the mix some VJ-ing and interactive art. Basically they experiment in creating art from mixing music and visual animations.

Really I don't know much about Kotki, and their work is difficult to describe but easy to feel. Just take a look at this wonder:

You can see much more of their work on their website. The two artists are also involved in another initiative called AVmotional, again on audio-visal art.

And here are the artists in action:

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