Tuesday, December 07, 2010


The whole Wikileaks controversy is hard to judge. One one hand international diplomacy is built on protocol, pretenses and closed-door dealings: one thing is said in public or to your diplomatic counterpart. On the other hand, it is ridiculous for officials (mostly not elected, yet on the publics payroll), to come out in front of the media and public and say one story, and then turn around and say another story to their bosses. This is basically lying.

My friend S. from work told me that it undermines the foundations of trust when you fill an anonymous survey about your employer and latter it is leaked to that employer, you just can't be truthful in that survey. But the case here is different, because you say the truth in an anonymous survey so that it eventually reaches your employer (which you hate and blast in the survey). Here the truth is hidden from the public, there is a lie committed. In the survey example, you don't lie, you just protect your identity so that you're not penalized for saying the truth. In the cables example, the truth is said openly with identities attached to it, but it is hidden from the public.

So I still believe Wikileaks is doing an amazing job. And here is their IP address, because their domain name is constantly under attack; I guess the truth has many enemies:

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