Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is there a limit to what the advertsiers will use?

I really wonder, is there a limit to the images/ideas that advertisers will use to sell a completely unrelated product? I really don't think there is. There is nothing sacred anymore in the world of advertisement (except maybe for some really really touchy religious topics that could actually cause trouble). For example, look at the hamburger ad by US restaurant Hardee's, featuring Padma Lakshmi in this lattes article on Montreal's burger industry. Now that really pushing it, really insulting to this woman, Padma Lakshmi, I had never heard of her before. What won't people put themselves through for a paycheck.

Like me, coming in to work everyday at 9 AM :)

Actually, I really ain't got it that bad at all. Today for example, I took over 2 hours of lunch break, to be with my friends and loved ones. Not bad for "slaving-off for a paycheck".

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