Monday, January 25, 2010

Guerilla tree planting: the proof

End of June last year (2009), I planted 2 trees behind my building, and I promised to post pictures of the work; so here we go.

The goal is for me to keep track of the development of the trees. The second one (the east one, the one that is taller in the pictures) has already grown a lot actually. The first one (the west one, the shorter one) didn't grow that much. Maybe it's because of the earth it is; but when it was still in its pot it already looked weaker than the other tree.

The trees are of the Cornus alternifolia species, and are supposed to be able to cope with lower sunlight and higher humidity in the soil, which is exactly the environment behind my building.

1st tree (west one), the smaller one:

2nd tree (east one) the taller one:

I also attempted to plant Aesculus hippocastanum, commonly known as Chestnut tree. I picked-up some chestnuts from a tree that is right near the fence of the Cimetière Notre-Dame-Des-Neiges, on the corner of Avenue Troie and Avenue Decelles, but the nuts haven't sprouted trees yet. I think it's because the nuts might need a cold period before they can germinate. The nuts are still in my apartment, in pots of earth and I still water them. Hopefully it will work at some point.

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